about_side2ASHA ASCENDING is an illustrated young adult novel written by Vivek J. Tiwary with art by Sara Richard. Chapters are serialized on this blog for free, so please follow today!

Part of the reason we’re offering this content for free is that we want fan feedback and take it seriously– so do comment after reading and let us know what you think.

THE STORY: In a near-future where surgical implants access a virtual Internet, a teenage girl coder must help an irresponsible party-boy save his mother’s life… as they race against an evil faction to unlock the code to immortality.

Vivek J. Tiwary is a #1 New York Times bestselling author (The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story), a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer (Green Day’s American Idiot, The Addams Family), and the founder of Tiwary Entertainment Group. In addition to Asha Ascending Vivek is currently writing the TV adaptation of The Fifth Beatle, which has secured unprecedented access to Beatles music. He lives in New York City with his inspiring wife Tracy, their delightful children Kavi and Nandini, and a feisty papillon named Sukhi.

Sara Richard is an Eisner Nominated artist from New Hampshire who has worked on IDW’s My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms and has art featured in the Ghostbusters annual. She’s also illustrated DC Comics’ Justice League Tarot Set and has done variant covers for Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, Oddly Normal and Deadpool. Sara draws influences for her art from Art Deco, Art Nouveau, 80’s fashion and the music she listens to. She also likes hang gliding, karaoke and dinosaurs.

ASHA ASCENDING was launched on May 7, 2016 when Chapter 1 “The Adventures of Sober Girl” first debuted in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund‘s Free Comic Book Day book “Defend Comics”.

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